Red cottage home with landscaping

Our biggest financial risk and commitment is buying a home. This has never been truer than in recent years with the average UK home costing almost £300,000. This expensive investment will take most people a lifetime to pay off.

Like with many life-changing decisions—such as finding a dentist or a surgeon for a serious operation—selecting a home surveyor should not be done solely based on price. Similarly, it’s important to select a building surveyor with the qualifications and experience to help you make an informed financial decision.

As a chartered and building surveyor of almost 35 years, I run a surveying practice with likewise qualified, experienced professionals. Collectively, the Charters-Reid Surveyors Ltd team brings 200 years of experience to the table.

With the ongoing cost of living crisis, it’s understandable that people want to save money where they can. Selecting an inexperienced home surveyor because they are inexpensive, however, is not a place that you can afford to go for the cheaper option. This is, unfortunately, all too common. I spend large portions of my week providing secondary surveys after poorly trained property inspectors were unable to answer client questions or provide sufficient reports.

As the adage goes, “buy cheap, buy twice,” so too will prospective buyers pay twice if they hire a cheaper, incompetent property surveyor. Not only does this lead to spending more to correct the mistake, but it also wastes time. Worse yet, it can result in the house sale falling through.

We pride ourselves on our extensive training, experience, and quality survey reports. Throughout the house surveying process, we are happy to speak with you further over the phone with any questions you may have. This ethos of comprehensive customer support extends to all aspects of our company. Whenever you call Charters-Reid Surveyors Ltd during business hours, you will reach a member of our staff, avoiding the frustration of automated call centres common with large surveying companies. Our customers are our priority.

For home surveyors that will go above and beyond in property evaluations and customer support, contact us today.