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You may think that a mortgage valuation offers you protection. It does not.

An independent survey will protect you. It will provide you with a good understanding of the property along with any defects.

Remember if the Bank must give you the option of your own independent survey from a surveyor which is impartial to the bank!

Why not speak to us first? We are truly qualified and extremely local surveyors – we are not part of a network or panel.

Local independence is best. Protect your investment – use only a local surveyor.



“To buy or not to buy, that is the question.” Buying a home is the biggest financial risk and commitment you may ever make. A quality property surveyor can help you minimise that risk. Find out why hiring a trained and experienced surveyor is worth the investment here.

“We are very pleased with your work; everything was done on time and to our satisfaction.”


“You were very generous with your time in briefing us as to the issues we faced in taking on the project and explaining the weaknesses with the house”


“he always had time to discuss the property in depth, providing plenty of personal guidance and advice.”


“Really great service from start to finish - very straight forward and efficient booking procedures for arranging the survey which was conducted in very good time. We received the report on the day of the survey and the day after I was able to speak directly to Paul who conducted the survey. He was very helpful and didn’t make us feel like we were wasting his time or asking silly questions. We were recommended by friends who had used Charters-Reid and we would certainly be recommending them ourselves.”


“Excellent service. The process of "ordering" the survey was very easy, in fact all I did was call. Charters-Reid did all of the running around to book it in which was a welcome relief when you're trying to arrange other things. Making payment was very easy using the online portal (other methods also available) and contact was always efficient and timely. The survey went ahead without a hitch and the report that was produced was easy to read, full of photographic evidence and covered all areas. We would definitely use them again should we need to.”


“Our survey was produced efficiently, quickly and very thoroughly indeed... All staff from administrative to surveyor gave a very high level of service. Would not hesitate to use Charters-Reid Surveyors Ltd again in the future.”


A complete list of
surveys and

Charters-Reid Surveyors Ltd offer a full range of home surveys throughout the Yorkshire region to meet your needs, ranging from a basic Single Defect report through to a full Building Survey. We can also tailor a report to meet your specific requirements if none of our standard formats are exactly right for you.


This report is suitable for conventional houses and flats in reasonable condition.

The Home Movers Survey is designed to help you make an informed judgement whether or not to proceed with the purchase, highlighting any urgent or significant matters and future maintenance issues.

This survey also includes a market valuation and a reinstatement figure for insurance purposes.

This is one of the most common surveys we are requested to provide.



As a result of a shortage of building materials after WW2, Banks and building society’s and mortgage lenders require evidence from suitably qualified professional such as our people to provide a PRC repair certificate to allow the sale to proceed.

PRC (Prefabricated reinforced concrete) houses fall more or less within the more general category of non-traditional housing. This means anything that is not a conventional brick/timber frame structure and includes steel frame, cast in-situ concrete and PRC construction. Steel frame and cast in-situ concrete are not too problematical.

However there are issues with them and a buyer would be well advised to have a specialist building survey when buying one, as PRC houses are more tricky and many lenders will not grant mortgages on them. This is why they tend to be a lot cheaper.



A detailed and comprehensive inspection suitable for all properties.

This report provides detailed information on both construction and condition and identifies major defects, their consequences and implications and advice on repairs.



This report is intended to provide guidance on the main structure of a property.

It involves inspection of the main roofs and roof voids, walls, floors, and inspections for damp, beetle and fungal infestation.

It does not include any comment on joinery, internal fittings and finishes, services, drains, garages, outbuildings or grounds and boundaries.



This report is suitable for a single defect such as cracking to an external wall or inspection of cavity wall-ties.

It’s useful when a mortgage valuation has identified a potential problem and a more experienced Chartered Building Surveyor will investigate and outline any necessary repairs.



If you are a cash buyer wishing to check you are paying the correct price for a property, or simply want professional advice on the true value of your home, we can provide this.

We also provide more formal valuations for probate, matrimonial, equity division, Capital Gains Tax and expert witness purposes.



Historic buildings, like most properties, are often not what they seem. Repairs can be time consuming, costly and rather detailed.

It is often specialist repairs that need to be carried out on historic buildings, especially if the building is listed i.e. of particular historic interest.

York city alone has over 2000 listed building and were constructed prior to Building regulations and all have their own problems.

It is how you address and repair these in a practical manner that counts.



Please contact us for full details.

Home Mover’s Survey

Suitable for conventional houses and flats in reasonable condition

“The Home Mover’s Survey is surprisingly good value for money. We can also provide a Valuation Report as we are RICS registered valuers”

Our Home Mover’s Survey is particularly in-depth and proves to be our most economical value-for-money surveys.

One of the main benefits of the Home Mover’s Survey is that it has a specialist section where clients can ask a series of independent questions. We are innovative, forward-thinking surveyors who can offer you a focused service.

We recognise that despite the IT-driven world in which we live, our business is still a people business. Our Home Mover’s Survey takes into consideration each person’s special requirements for that particular property.

The Home Mover’s Survey will make a reasoned and informed decision whether to go ahead with purchasing the property.

It will also make an informed decision on what is a reasonable price to pay for the property, and it also takes into account repairs or replacement.

At Charters-Reid Surveyors we of course try to add value to the process and we are happy to meet you on site to discuss the report in detail, and we will always deal with any follow-up enquiries that you have.

The Home Mover’s Survey is surprisingly good value for money. We can also provide a Valuation Report as we are RICS registered valuers.

The Home Mover’s Survey is usually suitable for some properties in need of general/minor renovation. We understand that many people do not wish to read long explanations, in which case you can always telephone the Chartered Surveyor to discuss your report.

Sometimes the most appropriate kind of inspection can vary for different people. That is why in the Home Mover’s Report we try and address your specific requirements. We try to ascertain what you really need.

The Home Mover’s Survey contains information in a simple and straightforward form which is easy to read and understand.

Our surveyors can provide you with the insights you need to make informed and financially astute decisions about your big move, anywhere in Yorkshire.

We specialise in pre-purchase home surveys

We are your local surveyor, specialising in professional property work.

The object of a Home Mover’s Survey is to tell you about the condition of the property, and assuming that all the relevant areas are accessible for inspection, we can tell you about the condition of the roof, state of the walls, floors, ceilings, partitions, and whether or not any structural movement or settlement is taking place.

We can give you a good overview on the electrical installation, boiler, central heating and hot and cold water.

Do you need a Home Mover’s Survey?

All too often purchasers experience unplanned expenditure within the first year of buying a property. This is mainly due to the fact that no survey was commissioned prior to purchase.

Budgets usually tighten the first few years. Can you afford to take the risk?

Full Building Survey

A detailed and comprehensive inspection suitable for all properties

“It is particularly suitable for older properties or properties which have had major alterations over the years”

A building survey/structural survey is a very comprehensive inspection and is suitable for any property regardless of its age or condition. A structural survey is now known as a building survey within the industry, although the contents are exactly the same. It is also suitable for:

  • All listed buildings
  • Buildings of unusual construction
  • Properties in need of refurbishment or renovation
  • Dwellings built before 1900

What is included?

  • An in-depth report on the structure of the roof, walls and floors
  • All major defects
  • Consequences and implications
  • Advice on repairs
  • Extensive technical information
  • Detailed comment on services
  • Recommendations for further repair work

Who performs the survey?

Your building survey will be carried out by a fully qualified Chartered Building Surveyor who is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), a Chartered Builder and also a Member of the Association of Building Engineers.

Your surveyor will usually look at the complete property and give a detailed opinion regarding the state of the building.

It is particularly suitable for older properties or properties which have had major alterations over the years or properties which appear to have problems that need further investigation.

Which localities do our building surveys cover?

We’re very happy to offer building surveys in Leeds, York, Scarborough and surrounding areas.

A building survey in Leeds might differ greatly from a survey in York, for instance, due to a variety of factors including the building materials used and local property usage trends. Thankfully, we have yet to encounter a building we can’t get the measure of!

Is a “Full Building Survey” right for me?

Often a full building survey is not necessary, and we have a range of other surveys starting at £199 that may be more appropriate and better value for your specific requirements.

Contact our friendly support team who will be happy to provide you with a telephone consultation, free of charge.

Call us today on 01904 468881 to speak with a surveyor and discover which type of survey would be most suitable for you.

Before placing an order for a survey, always ask the surveyor to confirm that they have adequate experience, insurance, qualifications, and accreditation to perform the that specific type of survey.

Defects Report

A Defects Report is like a laser-targeted survey

“A Defects Report is like a laser-targeted survey that inspects a specific problem or range of problems”

A Defects Report is like a laser-targeted survey that inspects a specific problem or range of problems that are suspected or already identified from previous surveys.

It is quite common in the industry for surveyors to call for specialist advice which we can offer at competitive prices.

This report looks closely at one or more defects often identified on a mortgage valuation.

When house buyers are often concerned about a particular issue, this can be a useful and cost effective report, and is often the best way to solve a problem with either the sale or purchase of a property.

Yes, we can solve the problem

Excessive moisture, soil movement, foundation problems or hidden deterioration can have a significant impact on a property, and you may want to get a professional opinion that will help provide answers and explain the choices for solving the problems, and what could happen if the problem is ignored.

We report on a wide range of specific defects including:

  • dampness (condensation, penetrating, and rising dampness)
  • decay (timber decay, rotten window frames and sills, door frames, beams etc.)
  • dry rot, woodworm
  • walls (cracks, bulges, movement)
  • on the roof (defective roof covering etc.)
  • in the roof
  • structural settlement
  • subsidence
  • heave
  • infestation
  • poor workmanship
  • defective materials
  • urgent matters that are a threat to the fabric of the building
  • contact us for the full list of defects

We give advice on the root cause and the extent of actual or potential damage. We will also provide a range of suggestions for remedial work.

The scope of this survey will be specific to your needs and, if necessary, the brief may be altered as we go, depending upon what we find.

We’re happy to travel

Our crack team of chartered surveyors operate across Yorkshire in its entirety, which makes us an ideal choice for defects reports in Leeds, York, rural North Yorkshire or anywhere else in the vicinity.

We’re always willing to be flexible regarding the time and date of our visit – call us to request a defects report and we’ll happily offer plenty of options.

We are the experts for Listed Buildings

Your current surveyor may have introduced Charters-Reid Surveyors Ltd as experts at resolving problems with Listed Buildings.

Other property consultants often approach us to take a closer look at potential problems.

Our team of Building Surveyors, Structural Engineers and services engineers can provide reports and updates as jobs are completed to ensure that all parties are fully informed and aware of the implications of the defect report.

Is a “Defects Report” the right survey for me?

Often a Defects Report is not required, and there may be other surveys that are more suitable.

We have a many different surveys available, with some starting at £199, you should find that our services are within your budget.

Our defect experts will be able to guide your decision and we offer a free telephone consultation. Call 01904 468881 to speak with our friendly team of surveyors and find the right survey for you.