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Our chartered surveyors will ensure you pay a fair price, identifying any problems up front to help you avoid any nasty – and potentially costly – surprises later on. We provide accurate valuations for
mortgage, matrimonial and probate purposes.




We supply comprehensive reports on domestic properties and our support team are here to help
you every step of the way, including explaining your survey findings and what to do next.



We have extensive experience of advising small and large businesses throughout Yorkshire on all
their commercial property needs, from sale and purchase to rental and refurbishment.

Property In Easingwold

Easingwold is a small market town situated 12 miles north of York in North Yorkshire and with a rich history and royal connections. Against a backdrop of the picturesque Howardian Hills, the town represents the centerpiece of a number of villages.

Featuring in the famous Domesday Book as ‘Eisicewalt’, it is made up of two smaller villages, called Uppleby and Lessimers, and the land surrounding the village has been owned by various members of the Royal family over the centuries, up until 1633, when it was given to Thomas Belasyse, subsequently passing to the Wombwell family.

Given this heritage, it is hardly surprising that there are no fewer than 51 listed buildings in Easingwold, including five milestones and a telephone kiosk. A number of local landmarks, including Long Street, the parish church and Church Hill, Uppleby and the market place, all form part of the Easingwold Conservation Area.

Given their unique historical character, places like Easingwold require a specialist level of understanding and property knowledge and, with our years of local experience, we are well equipped to offer it. We can help anyone looking to buy, sell, rent or develop property in the area
with property valuations, home surveys and commercial assessments.

“We are very pleased with your work; everything was done on time and to our satisfaction.”


“You were very generous with your time in briefing us as to the issues we faced in taking on the project and explaining the weaknesses with the house”


“he always had time to discuss the property in depth, providing plenty of personal guidance and advice.”



A standard property valuation arranged by a prospective lender is not a survey.

A standard property valuation arranged by a prospective lender is not a survey. It won’t identify any current or potential problems with a property, such as damp, window frame decay, roof problems,
pest infestations, subsidence or building cracks.

For a reasonable price, you can commission us to conduct a thorough survey on your behalf, and avoid any hidden headaches.

If necessary, we can help you negotiate a reduction in the price you pay for a property, to allow for fixing any problems or, in some cases, identify significant issues that might make you think twice
about going ahead.


A lender is obliged to give you the option of commissioning your own, independent surveyor survey.

You may think that a mortgage valuation offers you protection, but it doesn’t.
To gain a good understanding of the property along with any defects, you need a full, independent survey.

Remember, a lender is obliged to give you the option of commissioning your own, independent surveyor survey.

Why not give us a call to discuss your options?

Our expertise, experience and local knowledge are second-to-none and our independence means we will give you advice you can trust, every time.


Expert insight from our extensive commercial property experience

As a small business negotiating a commercial property purchase or rental, or looking to repurpose an existing building, it is vital that you have a full understanding of its condition as well as any usage restrictions.

As chartered commercial surveyors and members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), we can provide you with expert insight from our extensive commercial property experience, that could save you money

as well helping to avoid stressful mistakes.

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