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Jon Charters-Reid in the Media

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Jon Charters-Reid actively engages with different types of media to help and explain issues to various groups. It is in this page we bring together some of those projects for you information and hopefully enjoyment.

Rip-Off Britain

Jon lends his eye to this failed renovation project. Getting external advise is always a good idea on larger projects.

Are you in a simliar situation, then give us a call and we can find a way forward with our experience.

The Yorkshire Surveyor

As ever Jon is passionate about buildings and he gives you he insight into a beautiful building with a long past. 

Click on the logo below to go to the The Yorkshire Surveyor Television for more quality videos.

Did you enjoy this journey with Jon, more to come.

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A chartered surveyor has to weigh up all sorts of considerations in the process of valuing a property, ranging from the building’s age and architecture to local politics and patterns in the countrywide housing market.

Given the county’s rich history and the great age of some of its buildings, Yorkshire property valuations often have to pay special attention to the property’s condition and historical significance. On one hand, a failing structure can bring down a property’s price far faster than it’ll bring down its roof; on the other, a rich history and compelling character can add extraordinary value.

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