Historic Building Surveys

What are they? Who needs one? Do I need a Specialist?

Great Britain is awash with Historic Buildings

Why do I need a Specialist Surveyor?

When dealing with historic buildings there are many issues that only an experienced specialist will see. Charters-Reid Surveyors recommends that you should always get a specialist when dealing with historic properties. In this article we will show you some aspects of this complex field and why a Historic Building Survey is the best way to go.

Humblest Workers Cottages to Stately Homes

Great Britain is awash with historic buildings. From the humblest workers cottages to stately homes, you are never too far from a historic building. Many of these are grade 2, grade 2*, and grade 1 listed, and others are in conservation areas, or both. Occasionally, some are also scheduled ancient monuments. We regularly undertake surveys on Georgian, Edwardian, and Victorian houses, sometimes with dismay and surprise at what has been done to improve them.

These building have often been lived in constantly since construction, and have undergone numerous changes during their lifetime as fashions and trends change. Some of the changes may not be for the better, for example, the use of cement-based mortars and renders on traditional solid stone and brick walls can lead to damp issues within the property as the moisture cannot evaporate out from the outer surface. This can lead to frost damage, accelerated erosion, and damp on inner surfaces.

Specialised Historic Building Surveyors

Much of what we do helps you to understand the history of the building, and we will help you unravel the timeline of changes made to the building. For example, a 17th century building may have originally timber framed, but had a brick façade added in the 18th century as the fashion for Georgian brickwork becomes fashionable. Further changes to the rear of the building may have been added in the 19th and 20th century as the needs of the occupier’s change.

Obtaining the correct advice from qualified professionals is vital if you are to maintain the property for future generations. This is where Chartered Reid Surveyors can help. We have a wealth of experience in undertaking detailed surveys on historic buildings. The director and senior surveyor served traditional apprenticeships at York Minster following the 1984 South Transept fire. From there stemmed a love for older buildings and the traditional construction techniques used to maintain them.

Our team are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the Chartered Institute of Building Engineers, the Chartered Institute Of Building, the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, and the Independent Surveyors and Valuers Association.

While we possess numerous pieces of surveying equipment such as pole cameras, and endoscopes for inspecting the difficult to reach parts of a property, the best pieces of equipment are good observational skills and experience. Part of a historic survey involves looking into the history of the building and the surrounding area to see how environmental and historic factors affect the building today. This information not only comes from online sources, but from our library of books collected over many years.

Wide Variety of Historic Properties Surveyed

The images on this page show some of the wide variety of property types we have surveyed, Some are cottages, others are halls. All are interesting in their own right. In some images we highlight common inappropriate repairs undertaken by well meaning owners, that have led to further damage, or the original defect has not been resolved.

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I have been a surveyor now for half of my life and a lifetime of looking at these defects never ceases to amaze me. Our team of skilled surveys often trot back in to HQ at the end of the day with stories of horror.

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