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Estate Agents – Are you fed up with sales falling through? Then watch this short video and get in touch below.

Video Transcript:

Are you fed up with sales falling through all the time?

You worked really hard to get that house on the market and it should have been so easy, so, what went wrong?

Ah, that will be Bad Surveyors ltd who:

  • Don’t write sensible reports
  • Write reports to avoid litigation
  • Always err on the worst-case scenario

Well, enter Charters-Reid Surveyors: sensible, honest, experienced and local. Boom.

We’re the team of crack professionals here to help you.

Because we are sensible surveyors, we speak the truth and, in no time, you’ll be calling us superheroes.

Charters-Reid Surveyors. It’s time to go with a sensible, honest, and winning team.

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